Why You Need To Call For Professional Fire Damage Services


Whether it was just one room or the majority of your home that was damaged by a fire, you will want to consider calling for the help of companies that offer fire damage services. Before you settle on the idea of doing all of the work on your own, you will want to review some of the reasons why having damage contractors help you would be the best idea. Here are a few of those reasons:

23 June 2018

2 Ways Mold Can Damage Your Home's Wooden Supporting Structures


After finding out that your basement has flooded, you may have already done the work to pump the water out and start repairing any water damaged areas. However, if your wooden support beams were affected by the flood, they may still be at risk of continuing damage once mold starts to grow. Makes Wet Wood Rot Faster Water exposure by itself can make your home's wooden supporting structures rot. However, once mold spores start to sprout and grow inside the wood fibers, the rate at which the wood rots can increase dramatically.

24 February 2018