2 Ways Mold Can Damage Your Home's Wooden Supporting Structures


After finding out that your basement has flooded, you may have already done the work to pump the water out and start repairing any water damaged areas. However, if your wooden support beams were affected by the flood, they may still be at risk of continuing damage once mold starts to grow.

Makes Wet Wood Rot Faster

Water exposure by itself can make your home's wooden supporting structures rot. However, once mold spores start to sprout and grow inside the wood fibers, the rate at which the wood rots can increase dramatically.

As the mold grows on the wood, it feeds on the moisture in the fibers and secretes a byproduct to soften the wood even further. As the fungal population grows, this cycle of feeding and softening breaks down the fibers quickly. 

As the support beams becomes weaker, they may not be able to fully support the weight of their load. This weakening could make the beams break and collapse if the problem is not attended to by a professional. The softening of the wood can also lead to another problem, as discussed below.

Encourages Termite Infestation

Once the mold has softened the wood, your home's wooden structures become a prime target for termite infestation. While termites can make their home in any type of untreated wood, seeking out weakened wood makes their job of tunneling and feeding on the fibers easier. They do not have to work as hard.

Mold encourages termite infestation in two other ways besides softening the wood fibers to make them easy for the insects to eat. The same secretion the mold uses to eat through the wood gives the fibers a flavor that termites find irresistible.

The secretions and fungal growth cover also keep the wood fibers moist. This moisture provides the termites with an ongoing water supply for the colony. As the mold growth increases, so will the termite colony. 

When combined with the rotting of the wood, the termite infestation will cause dramatic deterioration of your home's support beams, which will be at further risk of breakage and collapse.

If your basement has recently flooded, its wooden structures may be at serious risk of rapid breakdown due to mold growth. Contact a mold restoration contractor who specializes in mold restoration services to have them inspect the damage and offer solutions for getting rid of the fungal growth and repairing any damaged areas


24 February 2018

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