3 Important Actions To Take For Homeowners Dealing With Water Damage


As a homeowner, one problem that's always stressful to deal with is water damage. It can happen when pipes burst and leave you with pools of standing water. To address this problem appropriately, you need to take these actions. 

1. Rent Out Submersible Pumps 

Before you make any grand plans, you first need to deal with the immediate water in your home. Only then can you see how severe the water damage is and proceed with the correct subsequent steps.

Removing standing water doesn't have to be that difficult if you rent out a submersible pump. You simply set it up at the lowest point where water has collected. Then, you attach a hose and direct it away from your property. All you have to do now is turn the pump on, and water will start pumping out. Keep pumping until there isn't any more standing water in your home.

2. Remove Surface Mold 

So that your home doesn't become hazardous to your health, you need to remove surface mold immediately. You can do so safely too as long as you follow a strict protocol. First, you'll want to equip yourself with the right protective gear. These items should include protective masks, gloves, and full-body suits.

Once geared up, apply detergent and water to areas affected by surface mold. Let the solution set out for several minutes before scrubbing. Once the area has been treated, pick up remaining mold particles and place them in a secure trash bag. Disinfect the area some more so that your home is sanitary. 

3. Hire Water Damage Restoration Experts 

If your home suffered a lot of water damage, then your efforts alone may not be enough. You may actually need to get help from a water damage restoration company. They can help you deal with severe water damage in a systematic, safe manner.

These professionals usually offer emergency response, so the moment you realize water is causing destruction in your home, they'll send out a cleaning crew. Such quick response is critical for saving pivotal structures in your home.

These restoration companies can also utilize industrial dryers, which are extremely powerful and can speed up the drying process. Finally, the restoration company you hired will conduct mold detection tests -- making sure your home is habitable again.

Dealing with water damage is not something you want to take on as a homeowner, but it does happen from time to time. The best way to handle this ordeal is to tackle it head-on, taking the necessary precautions like removing water quickly and working with qualified water damage restoration services.


18 November 2018

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I never thought much about natural disasters when I was living in the middle of the country, but relocating to the coast brought the threat of hurricanes. A few years ago a big storm ripped off part of our roof after we were evacuated. Arriving home to half a foot of water standing in every room was shocking and scary. Some helpful and reassuring damage contractors managed to save our beloved home, despite all the wind and water damage left behind by the hurricane. Now I spend my spare time advocating for families that need help with storm damage so they get the best results.