3 Reasons To Schedule A Mold Inspection Before Buying A House


Imagine moving into a new home only to discover unusual wall stains and musty smells. These are the most evident signs that your home has a mold infestation. Luckily, you can schedule a mold inspection before you purchase the new home to stay on top of such nasty surprises. 

Check out key reasons you should schedule a mold inspection before buying a new house.

To Prevent Health Issues

Prolonged mold exposure can cause serious health issues, such as seizures, rashes, fatigue, achiness, and watery eyes. Mold is particularly harmful to allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems like

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Asthma
  • Nose and throat irritation

Your reaction to mold depends on your sensitivity and other underlying health conditions. Other factors that impact the severity of health problems include:

  • Length of exposure
  • Mold spore count
  • Type of mold

Infants and the elderly are more susceptible to health issues after mold exposure than others. During the inspection, your mold remediation expert checks your house's basement, attic, walls, and other hidden sections for mold presence. 

To Safeguard Your Investment

Many new homeowners want to know whether their new home is in the best shape before they close the deal. A mold inspection establishes if the house has hidden mold issues that could cost you a fortune later.

Mold needs moisture to grow. Unfortunately, extended water exposure can compromise the structural integrity of your home when mold and decay attack the construction materials. Structural damage will continue until you fix the source of the moisture issues. If the inspection report indicates an extensive mold infestation, you can drop the deal and look for a safer home to buy.

To Help You Spot Other Problems

Professional mold inspection not only identifies mold but also the culprits for mold growth. In most cases, mold presence is a sign of poor ventilation, leaky plumbing, and AC issues. Remember, mold needs warmth and moisture to thrive.

For instance, temperature variations between cold surfaces (like uninsulated floors or walls) and warm air in your home cause condensation. This condensation creates an ideal habitat for mold growth. So, you have to spend more on walls and floor insulation to eliminate condensation issues.

Additionally, leaky pipes and frequent basement flooding often promote mold growth. Once a mold inspection expert identifies these issues, you can bargain for a lower purchasing price that reflects the cost of mold eradication and structural repairs. 

Don't allow the excitement of buying a house cloud your judgment and make you overlook crucial steps, such as a mold inspection. Schedule a professional inspection from a company like 1-800 BusyDog Basement Technologies to ensure the home you plan to buy is safe for everyone in your family. 


16 March 2022

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