Is Your Basement Flooded? Do These 4 Things


Did you just discover that your basement is flooded with water? This could be from a burst water pipe or rain water that entered the structure from a window. No matter how it happened, you'll need to know what to do when basement flooding happens. 

Remove The Water Quickly

The first thing that you'll want to do is get rid of the water as quickly as possible. Letting water sit in your basement will only lead to more problems, since building materials that have been exposed to water will be more difficult to sanitize.

You'll want to use a submersible pump to get that water out of your home. You can connect a hose to the pump and then run it outside through a door or a window. Make sure that the hose is running as far away as possible from your home, which will prevent water from collecting against the foundation and seeping back inside. Let the pump do its job and get rid of the majority of the water. The remaining water can be removed using a shop vac.

Block And Ventilate The Affected Space

You do not want that humidity to travel to other rooms of your home. The best way to block off the affected space is to keep the door closed so that humidity remains trapped. If there is not a door that you can close, you should use plastic to tarp off the door

You'll then want to get air flowing through the flooded space to remove all of the humidity that could cause mold growth. You should open windows if possible and set up fans so that they can create a wind tunnel to help move humid air out of the space. 

Remove Damaged Furniture And Construction Materials

There are likely many things that have been damaged by the water, and you'll need to remove them from the space if they are damaged beyond repair. This often means getting rid of carpet and carpet padding and other items made out of cloth. If you have a finished basement with drywall, all of that wet drywall will need to be cut out by removing it several inches above the water line. 

Run A Dehumidifier

It is also a good idea to run a dehumidifier in the space so that moisture is removed from the air that is not caught by the fans pushing it out of the space. Consider renting a powerful dehumidifier that has a large water reserve tank, since it is going to be effective and fast at removing the water that is hiding in the air. 

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26 January 2022

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