Roof Replacement: 4 Signs Of Severe Hail Damage


While a well-built, sturdy roof can withstand the occasional hailstorm, large hailstones are forceful enough to cause roof damage and harm to people and animals. Different roofs suffer hail damage differently. Forceful hailstones will form clean round holes in metal roofing and break shingles. Hailstorms often come with forceful winds that also do their part of the damage. When it happens, hail damage will impact almost a larger percentage of the roof because the hailstones fall evenly on the roof. Sometimes hail damage is extensive, such as requiring roof replacement. What are some signs there is enough hail damage to necessitate roof replacement

1. Round Puncture Holes Or Dents 

Hail damage on a metallic roof leaves round puncture holes when the hailstones are forceful enough to go through. It can also leave dents when there is not enough force to puncture through. A scouring look also accompanies it because hailstones will scrape the paint off. 

If the roof has not suffered puncturing, you can opt for hail storm home damage repair. When there is puncturing, you have little choice but to do roof replacement because the puncturing is often on the larger part of the roof. It cannot be caulked over; only replacement of the metal sheets will work. 

2. Broken And Missing Shingles 

Hailstones can break shingles and tear away underlayment. If the hailstorm is packing forceful winds, some shingles will also be blown away. Such damage leaves the roof leaky and necessitates immediate roof replacement. During the replacement, installing an ice and water shield for roof protection from future hail storms would be advisable.

3. Dented Gutters And Siding 

Hailstones and forceful winds can dent roof gutters and cause roof siding to come loose or leave holes in roof siding. It will usually affect the guttering and siding of the whole side that bore the brunt of the hailstorm. 

The best way to deal with such damage is roof replacement. Even if roof hail home damage repair is done, it will be temporary because of more forceful hailstorms in the future. However, roof replacement is a better investment in the long run and can even add value to the home.

4. Sudden Water Leaks 

Sudden voluminous water leaks during a loud hailstorm are a sure sign the roof has suffered serious puncture damage to allow in large volumes of water. Normally, leaks take time to notice, for example, when the flashing is cracked, but sudden leaks signal puncture damage. Extensive leaking around the house is best fixed by roof replacement. 

Has your roof suffered hail storm damage? Call roof damage contractors immediately to schedule an inspection and determine if you need a roof replacement. 


30 November 2021

Restarting After A Hurricane

I never thought much about natural disasters when I was living in the middle of the country, but relocating to the coast brought the threat of hurricanes. A few years ago a big storm ripped off part of our roof after we were evacuated. Arriving home to half a foot of water standing in every room was shocking and scary. Some helpful and reassuring damage contractors managed to save our beloved home, despite all the wind and water damage left behind by the hurricane. Now I spend my spare time advocating for families that need help with storm damage so they get the best results.