3 Important Things To Understand About Water Damage


Water damage comes in many different forms. Water damage can occur due to a flood, a leaking pipe, or from a damaged water heater. No matter why the water damage occurred, there are a few truths you need to understand about water damage.

Get Help Right Away

When you notice that your home has sustained water damage, you need to make sure that you get help right away. Water damage can easily spread and cause more damage if you don't take care of it right away.

Dealing with water damage can be tough, which is why you need to bring in help. With water damage restoration services, you can prevent the damage from getting worse. Outside assistance can help ensure that mold doesn't take root and cause even more damage to your home.

Dry Things Out Right Away

Next, you need to make sure that you dry things out right away. Don't wait for the water restoration team to show up, get started right away. The longer the water sits, the more the water can damage your home.

Use a mop to help soak up the water. Use towels to soak up the water. Put them in the washing machine and ring them out before using them again. If you have a wet vac, you can use that to get rid of the water as well.

When the water restoration team shows up, they will bring more tools and help get rid of the rest of the water.

Damage Can Easily Go Deeper

You need to understand that the damage caused by water often extends beyond what you see.

Don't assume that the water is all gone just because the floor is dry. If you have carpet, you will need to pull up the carpet and dry out the carpet and the padding. If the water was from a dirty source, you will have to tear up the water. If you have hardwood or vinyl, water could get into the baseboards.

If the water touched the walls, the water may have saturated the wall beyond what you can see. The drywall and the insulation could be damaged.

Just because you can't see the water doesn't mean the water is all gone. A water restoration company knows where to look for hidden water damage and can take steps to fix that hidden water damage and fully restore your home.

With water damage, you need to act to clean it up right away. You need to also understand that water damage often goes beyond what you can see, and a water damage restoration company can help fix and protect your home.


27 June 2019

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I never thought much about natural disasters when I was living in the middle of the country, but relocating to the coast brought the threat of hurricanes. A few years ago a big storm ripped off part of our roof after we were evacuated. Arriving home to half a foot of water standing in every room was shocking and scary. Some helpful and reassuring damage contractors managed to save our beloved home, despite all the wind and water damage left behind by the hurricane. Now I spend my spare time advocating for families that need help with storm damage so they get the best results.