Beyond The Roof And Home Exteriors: 4 Tips To Finding Exterior Damage That Cause Moisture Problems


The exterior of your home may be the source of leaks and other moisture problems. Look beyond your roof and in places where leaks cause damage, such as flashing, window drip edges, doors and cracks in exterior finishes. If you have a leak problem that is not the roof, here are some tips to help find the problems on exteriors:

1. Hidden Leaks in Decks Because of Failing Flashing

The deck on the back of your home is an area with a potential moisture problem if flashing fails. The use of thin metal flashing materials often causes leaks when they begin to corrode and leak. In addition, if flashing is not installed correctly on a deck, it may lead to water getting into the structure of your home. Unnoticed deck leaks may go on for years, and when they are finally addressed problems like mold, rot and structural damage are costly to fix. Frequently inspect the are behind decks for potential leaks that cause serious water damage problems.

2. Worn Caulking in Cracks Causing Exterior Leaks

There are also many areas around the exterior of your home that have caulking. A bead of silicon is commonly used where materials butt against each other and leave a small crack where water can get in. With wood siding, corner boards are a common area where the caulking wears and leaks start. In addition, windows and doors may have caulking around the edge that leak. As a regular maintenance routine, inspect all the cracks that are sealed using silicon and redo them when they are worn, dry or cracking.

3. The Edges of Windows and Doors Where Water Gets In

Windows and doors have many areas where water can get in. Wood windows often have caulking around the edges to seal the openings. There are also features like drip-edges above the window, which are small strips of metal or other materials that allow the water to drip off the edge. The drip-edges above windows can wear, become damaged or be cut too short; allowing water to get behind the opening, and causing water damage problems.

4. Poor Drainage and Seeping Moisture Problems in The Home

Poor drainage will also lead to exterior leaks and serious water damage. The water that drains through soils around your home causes static pressure that can cause cracks, seep up into your home and cause damage. To correct these problems, first address the drainage issues outside of your home, then have the foundation fixed; before doing restoration of any water damage.

You should be aware of these potential exterior finish problems as much as you are with roofing. Contact a water damage restoration service such as Servpro Of South Elkhart County to help with the repairs and improvements needed for your home exterior.  


28 June 2017

Restarting After A Hurricane

I never thought much about natural disasters when I was living in the middle of the country, but relocating to the coast brought the threat of hurricanes. A few years ago a big storm ripped off part of our roof after we were evacuated. Arriving home to half a foot of water standing in every room was shocking and scary. Some helpful and reassuring damage contractors managed to save our beloved home, despite all the wind and water damage left behind by the hurricane. Now I spend my spare time advocating for families that need help with storm damage so they get the best results.